ART-Cup with lovely Zshurtschch-cat

Posted on March 29th, 2016 by jsurba.
Categories: foto, Julia Surba, mythology, Painting.

Art-cup for tee & coffee and any other hot and cold drinks with lovely Zshurtschch-cat, a cosmic clown from the painting of Julia Surba. High quality ceramic (white), size: 190 x 80 mm, ca. 0,34 l, weight: 380 g. Cleaning with hands, tongue and in washing machine)))

Zhurshch is a cosmic clown in the likeness of a cat, a kind of a hob and artful trickster. He is one who can make laugh anyone, each of a small child and a rigid warrior. Zhurshch is pictured with his magical attributes in his hands: zhurschchegon in his right hand (sorry, my English-speaking friends, I know it looks like impossible to be spoken) and with the golden key in his left hand. Zhurshchegon is a sacred device a real screamer which helps to see the comic side of life and can evoke an uncontrollable joy. The key symbolizes the key to accepting the life how it is and ability to enjoy it. In stomach of Zhurshch you can see the Kuzheshu-fish, who was got down by Zhurshch just out of fun. But don t worry, it is absolutely not dangerous for the magic fish and happens not for the first time))


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Comment on April 11th, 2016.

Absolutely beautiful, magical unique….as is all your wonderful art!


Comment on April 11th, 2016.

Thank you! :smile:

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