Goor-Bird shaman drum

Posted on April 24th, 2015 by jsurba.
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"Goor -Bird", shaman drum, diameter 45 cm, goat skin
Henna Art: Julia Surba (multicolor henna paint)
Tunable shaman drum: David & Roman Drums
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Human visual sense is adopted to the human environment but if you are going to be able to see in the world of spirits you might need another sight ability. So says kuzhebarian folk belief. And the point is not in your disability to see anything in the spirits world, but in the sense to understand what you have seen, because in the world of spirits rules a different interpretation system. Kuzhebarian tales say that the Goor-Bird can bring this special sense to humans. To get it one just should go to the sacred Gurgang Tree to spend the night over there and to play a special song on the jaw harp during the twilight hour.
Gour_BirdFragmentAuth Gour_BirdJuAuth4


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