Stringed Ghost Catcher with Pyrography Design

Posted on November 12th, 2015 by jsurba.
Categories: Ancient Kuzhebar, design, foto, Kuzhebar Design, music instruments, mythology, Nadishana, pyrography.

Ghost Catcher (stringed) is a traditional instrument of Kuzhebar people
(South Siberia). It is a kind of mouth bow, but unlike other mouth bows
it has little fingerboard and 2 strings, so it is possible to play melodies
on it strumming the strings by right hand, and pressing the strings to the fingerboard by left hand. It is also possible to play on it with a stick, this technique reminds the berimbao playing. The instrument should be placed in front of the mouth and modulated like a jaw harp. 

This model of the Ghost Catcher is covered with symbols believed to be
a protection by hunting the ghosts on two sides of the instrument
and presenting a mosquito on its third side.

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GhostCatcherDesigned5 GhostCatcherDesigned4 GhostCatcherDesigned2


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