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Julia Surba - Henna Paste Step by Step

you can buy super quality henna for painting and body art here.
Crop 2011 from Pakistan (expiration date: august 2014)

1 package (100 g) costs 6.50 EURO

Please make your order per email.
Shipping costs depend on the destination
and the quantity of your order.
shipping costs for one package are approximately
4,50 EURO inside EU
8,50 EURO
outside EU
discounts are possible

Jamila is known for being the finest sifted henna powder currently available. It is baby powder fine and easily passes through the tiniest tips of hand rolled cones. Jamila henna comes from sonny area of Pacistan, is 100% natural and has no chemical dyes. Henna can be storaged during minimum 3 years, during this time it keep its tinctorial properties very well.

How to carry henna:
Henna should be kept in a dry and cool place. The best way to keep henna fresh is to put it good packed into the fridge.

How to carry henna paste:
The henna paste is also to keep in a fridge. The paste can be kept during a month after making it.

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Henna Paste Step by Step

hennaed foot, henna is on


hennaed foot, henna is off


hennaed foot, 1 day later

Step 1
You take fresh lemons and press the juice from them.

Step 2
You sift the fresh pressed lemon juice.

Step 3

You put suger into the lemon juice and dissolve it very well.

Step 4
You put Jamila-henna into the juice with melted sugar and mix it well till it looks like smashed potatoes.

Step 5
You put a plastic wrap on the bowl with henna paste and put it for 24 hours in a warm place.

Step 6
You check if you henna paste is ready by removing the first layer from your henna paste. When the first layer is darker than the rest of the paste, it means that henna is released.

Step 7
You put a small point with henna paste on your skin and lieve it for 3-5 minutes.

Step 8

You remove henna paste and check what colour has the point on your skin. When it is from light till dark orange it means that your henna paste is ready to use. If not you repeat the steps from number 5.



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