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Creative studio for creative people

is a creative studio based in Berlin, which is specialized in pyrography-design, fashion and amulets.
The studio is working close with musicians and artists in creating stage outfits, music instruments- and banner-design, logos and designs for CD-covers.

Kuzhebar Design studio places special emphasis on the individuality.
All designs are unique and will be never dublicated.
All objects are hand-made.

The founder of the studio is Julia Surba. Last time Julia is researching the almost forgotten culture of Ancient Kuzhebar (Siberia) that is why her objects often represent the unique world-picture of its aboriginal inhabitants. Under the influence of this interesting and rich culture she gave her studio the name "Kuzhebar Design".

The studio is always experimenting with traditional arts and techniques bringing them together. The results of this activity are

shadow-theatre project.



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