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The ancient kuzhebarian symbol pyroengraved on this ring depicts one of the three mystical birds of Ancient Kuzhebar.
This bird is playing here with the life of the human it visits (the ball).


The symbol on this bracelet depicts the face of a deathless creature or godness who takes care about creativity and creative people.


The symbol used on this ring (it mesures 1.2" x 1.2" so 3 x 3 cm)
it's a pyrogram about the origin of two diffrent genealogy lines in Ancient Kuzhebar.


The big ornament used for this KUAAMU - pendant depicts three deathless creatures by creating a new world or reality. It's 6" to 16" long and the pendant measures 2.8" to 4" (7 to 10 cm)


An unique KUAAMU - pendant!
Its length goes from 6" to 16" (15 to 40 cm) and the pendant is 4" long (10 cm).

It is actually a kind of a ghost keeper. Of course only for eatable ghosts!

In Ancient Kuzhebar people didn't separate ghosts in good and bad ones, but in eatable and not eatable. Kuzhebar people believed, when you eat a ghost you create a symbiosis with it. Through this symbiosis the human beeing and the ghost goes their evolution ways and support each other. More than that there were special musical rituals for eating ghosts by using a special wind musical instrument called "ghost catcher". You can see the video with similar kind of the ghost catcher here (reconstructed, developed and played by Nadishana)




The symbol of this KUAAMU - pendant depicts a balance of fourth elements: earth, water, air and fire.



a KUAAMU - bracelet with one of the three mystical birds of Ancient Kuzhebar on it


A KUAAMU - pendant with the symbol of Mother Bayandula or Mother Mouse on it, a very kind and mysterious character in mythology of Ancient Kuzebar. Kuzhebarians` tales tell that she could change the way she look like. When she wanted to be unnoticed for the people, she came like a small mouse. But sometimes you could see her like a small old lady... but with the had of a mouse. The symbol of Mother Bayandula is a symbol for being wise, mysterious and kind.


a KUAAMU - necklace with the symbol of life-embryo on it, a symbol for birth and rebirth.


a KUAAMU - necklace in which we used the Ancient Kuzhebarian symbol for creation!



This KUAAMU - pendant is made from natural seeds and wood with an ancient kuzhebarian symbo on it.
The symbol depicts the world picture with upper, middle and underworld and with the life tree, which grows trough all of them.


a KUAAMU - pendant with the symbol of a time traveller on it.



on the left

KUAAMU - earrings with mystical birds of Ancient Kuzhebar on them




on the right

KUAAMU - earrings with the symbols of shell-fish person on


On this beautiful KUAAMU- pendant you can see dethless creatures. According to mythilogy of Ancient Kuzhebar they are able to transform their bodies and look like any creature, independent of their real age.


This KUAAMU- pendant has a pyrographic symbol of Tupata on.

Tupatas were honoured in Ancient Kuzhebar as mystic creatures and the helpers of arch-father and creator of Ancient Kuzhebar - Yagdyn Staroy.

Tupatas are ubiquitous, they are usually shown with two heads looking opposite.
According to kuzhebarian tales they have the unique capability to transform themselves and their ambience. Ancient Kuzhebaґ aborigines appreciated these capabilities of Tupata to metamorphose and hallowed larvaes and pupas like heralds of Tupata, because they could change their biological form during their life.




This KUAAMU-ring is called "looking into the reality tunnel" and represents the belief of inhabitants of Ancient Kuzhebar that the world consists of many reality tunnels like a layered pancake or an onion.




on the left

KUAAMU - ring " spiral ways" as a symbol for developing





on the right

KUAAMU - ring
with the solar symbol on



The project KUAAMU - Kuzhebar Synergies had been started in 2008 as a collaborative work of Julia Surba (Kuzhebar Design, Sibirien und Eliza Gapenne (Eliz'art, Frankreich)

Since 2011 the project is running by Julia Surba and her studio "Kuzhebar Design". Keeping the original idea of KUAAMU creation we continue to use pyrography in combination with polymer clay and also develop new kuaamu series: "Nature Messages" and "Archaic" :

The idea of the project KUAAMU - Kuzhebar Synergies is to bring together ancient signs, natural elements and modern materials like an example of the way, how the ancient and modern forms can be kept balanced, complete and support each other instead of destroying each other.

We see that nowadays, people often feel disconnected from the Nature and their roots. Too much new information comes each day, too many things they have to manage at the same time, no time for rest, no time to stop and look around, no time to see the beauty of the Nature, no time to think about the life they live, no time to enjoy it...

In ancient times, life looked different. Not so comfortable on one hand, but closer to the Nature and in harmony with the body and the mind on other hand. Ancient people knew how to speak with flowers and the wind, they understood how to respect the elements and they could "read" natural signs around them.

Today, new technologies come into our life, changing it completely, putting us on the big distance from each other and from ancient natural life style. All that push us to create the project KUAAMU - Kuzhebar Synergies, which is our try to create a bridge between past and future, natural life style and high speed life in urban cities.

Each object we make has a message, because the ancient kuzhebarian symbols are involved into them, what let them be called "Kuaamu".

Kuaamu are actually a special kind of save objects which were used in the culture of Ancient Kuzhebar (South Siberia). At first sight, they can seem like jewellery but they are not. There was no idea in Ancient Kuzhebar to beautiful oneself because people thought they were primordial beautiful. By the way, they were very practical and it would be a nonsense for them to have some baubles on without any magic intention!

We also use in our works natural elements, such as seeds, wood, pigments etc, which are combined with polimer clay, material that allows to create almost everything we want (there is no limit for imagination with this material, except those we impose to ourself).

We put all our passion and love into each piece we create together. Each Kuaamu is unique and has its own purpose.
We hope you'll enjoy the results of our creative work and Kuaamu will bring more joy and harmony in you life, just stop, look at them and read the message they have. Kuaamu will bring more joy and harmony in you life, just stop, look at them and read the message they have.

Please place your orders by e-mai to
jsurba@ gmail.com or buy directly from our web shop kuaamu.com

Last time Julia scrutinizes the almost forgotten small culture of Ancient Kuzhebar (Siberia), that is why her objects often represent the unique world-picture of aboriginal inhabitants of this culture. She tries to keep its knowledge, live and develop it.

Julia Surba is a member of the International Association of Pyrographic Artists (IAPA).
In 2005 she established the "Kuzhebar-Design" studio, which is specialized in pyrography-design, design for music instruments, developing of logos and CD-covers, fashion and amulets.

About Julia Surba:

"I love you artwork! I think it was the innovation of alot of todays modern art with the spirit and earthy feeling of old. Thank you for your beautiful art it brings out true emotions... good luck in the future
peace and thanks,
Thomas Dirk"

“What I thought when I saw your work was that it was original. I can see an influence of Mayan, African, and Tribal......but, really it is your own twist. I think you started a new category of your own and one day students like me will be studying your style”.
Archeologist April, USA

please place your orders by e-mai to
jsurba@ gmail.com or buy directly from our web shop kuaamu.com


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