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"Embrio", 2012
Pyrography, Siberian Cedarwood, diameter 55 cm

Mystical birds of Ancient Kuzhebar

Kuzhebarian tales say about three mystical birds, who are providers of different power-sorces. For mortals, however, the birds were dangerous and indifferent at the same time. One of them symbolizes darkness, another light and the third one wisdom.

Kuzhebarian people believed that each of these birds come to each person one time a life and everybody has to choose with which of them to be connected. People give their emotions, intentions and thoughts like food to the birds and birds provide them a power they have. One gives the power to complain or to be angry, another the power to be joyful and to laugh, and the third one gives access to wisdom.

On the left you can see the first one of the birds, the darkness bird, also called the "gloomy-bird" in kuzhebarian mythology. As usually described in kuzhebarian tales it is shown crying with the symbols of power it gives and takes above and under its head. The symbols on the frame depict the ways the gloom-bird can be connected with people.


On the right you can see the Urhat-Bird, the bird of Light and Joy. As the ancient kuzhebarian tales say Urhat has four eyes and one of those is a human one. With it the bird can see the world in the way the human beeings do. Three other eyes of Urhat are looking into three different worlds: the spirit world, the world of living beeing and the "horhu" world - the world of different living beeings.
Ancient Kuzhebarina tales say that Urhat had tought people how to create magic sounds by using special devices, that is why it is always shown playing a flute, a jew s harp or a ghost catcher.


"Urhat Bird", 2010
pyrography on maple-wood
with carvedd elements, 40x60 cm


"Gloomy Bird", 2009
pyrography on maple-wood
with carved elements
40x60 cm

Kuzhebarian Totem Pole
or "Selfidentification", 2006
pyrography, carving, inlay,
250 х 200cm

Father of the Sky, 2007

Pyrography on wood (Skateboard)
made on request from gallery "Art without borders"













This object depicts a kuzhebarian tale about Father of the Sky and his daughter.In the center you can see Father of Sky by holding the sky with stars. The pattern on the bottom of the object depicts Father of Sky teaching his daughter to polish stars. He is standing on the half moon with his twisted magic hairs, which fall down like rain.



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