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Legends of Ancient Kuzhebar, 2003
pyrography, Siberian cedarwood
The world picture of Ancient
Kuzhebar Aborigines, 2004

pyrography, carving, spruce (5080 cm)
Symbol of Ancient
Kuzhebar, 2003

Siberian cedarwood

  Russian-Tuvinian Karma Knot, 2005
pyrography, carving, spruce
(8060 cm)


  Genealogy of Ancient Kuzhebar, 2007
pyrography, carving, spruce, shells,
25 200 cm

"Genealogy of Ancient Kuzhebar", description:

This object depicts the history of genesis and development of genetic lines of Ancient Kuzhebar. Like all other ancient kuzhebarian pyro-writings it is to read from the centre into both directions: up and down.

The central figure is the arch-father and creator of Ancient Kuzhebar Yagdyn Staroy. According to ancient kuzhebarian tales he has four faces looking to the four winds. Each face is blown by the special wind, his caboo are fluttering in these winds. Caboo are special unaccountable outgrowths on Yagdyn faces. Yagdyns being exists in a turquoise-blue quasiwater ambience. His usual attribute is a big crystal-clear fancifully formed seashell, he lets it sound with the help of his caboo.

Yagdyn is always accompanied by Tupata mystic creatures, who help by realisation of his intent (on the left and on the right from Yagdyn). Tupata are everpresent, they are usually shown with two heads looking opposite.
According to kuzhebarian tales they possess the unique capability to transform themselves and their ambience. Ancient Kuzhebar aborigines appreciated these capabilities of Tupata. Ancient kuzhebariean hallowed larvae and pupas like heralds of Tupata, because they could change their biological form during their life.

Like sphere or disk ancient kuzhebarian depicted usually the blown out intent, in this case the intent of Yagdyn Staroy. It is a special energy clot which lets reality transform.

The result of the Yagdyn intent realisation were 20 Ever Being Creatures. Ten of them have chosen one and another ten another evolution direction. Yagdyn made Ever Being Creatures self-supporting. They could be creative and produce through that such kind of energy, which could always support them.

The first ten Ever Being Creatures stayed to transform the ur-reality, where they were put by Yagdyn. Another ten went on the never end way in another worlds, learning to create new realities themselves.

One part of Ever Being Creatures went into non organic worlds (left to Reality Generator). Another part of Ever Being Creatures went into organic worlds (right to Reality Generator).

To keep the possibility to find the ur-reality and to come back there, this part of Ever Being Creatures called Travellers created Ychs special keepers of their frequency.Travellers by letting off Ychs into ur-reality. Travellers on the way in another worlds. This genealogy line is the most mystique.

Ever Being Creatures condensed the ur-reality and peopled it with some organics (symbols above the Reality Generator from left to right): going, flying, creeping, floating, immovable and blended types of organics.

During one of the genetic experiments Ever Being Creatures made an anthropoorganics called later people. These new creatures were able to produce the kind of energy, which was like food for Ever Being Creatures. After that Ever Being Creatures gave over to create but began to absorb the
energy of anthropoorganics most of all emotions of them.

3. On the one hand it was a great breakthrough in genetic experiments of the Ever Being Creatures, on the other hand it was a beginning of their fading, because they stopped to create themselves but only absorbed the human energy, most of all human emotions.

Than the Ever Being Creatures began to think out some tricks to let people produce more emotions. For example the child-bearing organ of feminine human organics had been transformed by the Ever Being Creatures to be also an organ of gloom-development or an organ of consciousness-development, depending on tastes of the Ever Being Creatures. At this time there were two parts of Ever Being Creatures. The first one prefer to absorb bright emotions: love, joy, blessedness (s. the figure left) and the second one liked more gloomy emotions: fear, anger, jealousy (s. the figure right).

The part of Ever Being Creatures, who liked more gloomy emotions, had created the Gloomy Bird. According to the ancient kuzhebarian tales it is an invisible creature, which visits each human organic only one time. It glues the spiritual nucleus to the soul-cover, because of that the human perception gets bound.

After some time Ever Being Creatures forgot their possibility to create and got into dependence on the energy volume human organics were able to produce. The development of human organics was also limited by vibration control of Ever Being Creatures.

Ever Being Creatures found out that human organics produce easier gloomy emotions than bright one. That is why the part of Ever Being Creatures, who prefer gloomy, so called Gloomies, got human organics under vibration control. In this way Gloomies could get a lot of feeding energy non stop. Ever Being Creatures, who prefer to absorb bright emotions, so called Brightes were very little.

The next part of the genealogy is usually damaged in all ancient kuzhebarian pyro-scripts we have found till now. We guess it is so because this part is changeable. Kuzhebarian tales tells us some different variants of genealogy development in this part. On one version human organics brought through the vibration control of Gloomies with the help of Brightes. Thereby it was the start of Big Vibration Transformation in Ancient Kuzhebar.

On the other version Travellers came back into Kuzhebar with the help of Ychs and helped to break through the vibration control with conscious of the fact, that any limitation of others is always the limitation for you self.

The long and the short of it is that this part of kuzhebarian genealogy is always characterized as the beginning of efflorescence or as Great Kuzhebarian Vibration Transformation.


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