Tuneable shaman drum "Sacred Invocation"

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Tuneable shaman drum "Sacred Invocation" is finished and available:
powerful sound, goat skin, diameter 45 cm
Original multicolored Henna Art: Julia Surba
Shaman drum: David&Roman Drums
Dress by Kuzhebar Design

The idea of the paint is based on the silhouette of the Fuerte Ventura island (one of the Canary Islands in Atlantic Ocean) and on Julia´s promise to the island´s spirits )))




Kuzhebar Design’ Handmade Hats. "Rainbow" Collection.

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Limited Edition. Available in our online shop.






ART-Cup with lovely Zshurtschch-cat

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Art-cup for tee & coffee and any other hot and cold drinks with lovely Zshurtschch-cat, a cosmic clown from the painting of Julia Surba. High quality ceramic (white), size: 190 x 80 mm, ca. 0,34 l, weight: 380 g. Cleaning with hands, tongue and in washing machine)))

Zhurshch is a cosmic clown in the likeness of a cat, a kind of a hob and artful trickster. He is one who can make laugh anyone, each of a small child and a rigid warrior. Zhurshch is pictured with his magical attributes in his hands: zhurschchegon in his right hand (sorry, my English-speaking friends, I know it looks like impossible to be spoken) and with the golden key in his left hand. Zhurshchegon is a sacred device a real screamer which helps to see the comic side of life and can evoke an uncontrollable joy. The key symbolizes the key to accepting the life how it is and ability to enjoy it. In stomach of Zhurshch you can see the Kuzheshu-fish, who was got down by Zhurshch just out of fun. But don t worry, it is absolutely not dangerous for the magic fish and happens not for the first time))


you can order this cup here



Goor-Bird shaman drum

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"Goor -Bird", shaman drum, diameter 45 cm, goat skin
Henna Art: Julia Surba (multicolor henna paint)
Tunable shaman drum: David & Roman Drums
available in our  online music instruments shop

Human visual sense is adopted to the human environment but if you are going to be able to see in the world of spirits you might need another sight ability. So says kuzhebarian folk belief. And the point is not in your disability to see anything in the spirits world, but in the sense to understand what you have seen, because in the world of spirits rules a different interpretation system. Kuzhebarian tales say that the Goor-Bird can bring this special sense to humans. To get it one just should go to the sacred Gurgang Tree to spend the night over there and to play a special song on the jaw harp during the twilight hour.
Gour_BirdFragmentAuth Gour_BirdJuAuth4


"Kuzheshu" Fish

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"Kuzheshu", Julia Surba 2015, mixed technique on canvas, 40x30cm from the cycle "Kuzhebar in Colour"


The Kuzheshu-Fish was often honoured with special songs in Ancient Kuzhebar. When somebody wanted to know something about relatives or friends who were far away, he sang a question-song to Kuzheshu.
Kuzheshu-Fish knew everything what had even happen under or above the earth. It lives in water and all secrets and mysteries, which are kept in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, in ground waters and waterfalls, in rain, fog, steam and even in tears of humans and animals were for it easy accessible.



Shaman Drums with Henna Art, Kuzhebar Design

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Some of our newly made Shaman Drums with new developed technique of multicolour henna paint,
Henna Art: Julia Surba
Tunable shaman drum: David & Roman Drums
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"Proper Timing in Action"

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"Proper Timing in Action", Julia Surba 2014, mixed technique on canvas, 70x70cm from the cycle "Stories of Ro Island"




Ghost Keeper Pendants´ edition 2014

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Ghost Keeper Pendant (adjustable length): pyrography on wood, India rubber, tibetan metal beads, natural seeds from Amazonia and Australia, polymer clay. Available here

GK2014_3Auth GK2014_1Auth GK2014_2Auth


"Patanjali" by Julia Surba

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"Patanjali", mixed technique, papyrus, 30-40 cm, Julia Surba 2014


Patanjali is regarded as an incarnation of the thousand-headed serpent-king named Shesha (Remainder) or Ananta (Endless), whose coils are said to support the god Vishnu. That is why he is presented in a half snake – half man form. He is known as the father of modern yoga, who assimilated existing yoga into a system and put it into a writing form known as yoga sutras.
The painting is made for yoga studio of Nicolas Lespinasse. By paintng Julia tried to follow the traditional iconography there twisted with her own technique based on  henna.