Shaman Drum “Master of Animals”

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Shaman drum "Master of Animals", diameter 44 cm,  deer skin
Henna Art: Julia Surba
Tunable shaman drum: David & Roman Drums


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HozainZverei3Auth  HozainZverei4Auth

Master of Animals is one of the nature-deities in mythology of Ancient Kuzhebar. He has no particular look, his shape is changeable and variable. He could appear as a spirit with many faces, as an animal, as a human or just invisible. He is able to have any animals’ form he wants. Master of Animals knows and influences life and death of all animal beings, he protects and heals them, and can change their fate. If it happens that a human brings help to an animal folk, in acknowledgement of that Master of Animals can accept such a human as his pupil and can teach his pupil the animals’ language and the ability to have an animal shape.



Collection photoshoot: Creation of Kuzhebar, Middle World

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Shuhur-Sorceress, Middle World

Shuhur1 Shuhur3

Magicians – Middle World

VladBel1 VladBlack1


Collection photoshoot: Creation of Kuzhebar, Lower World

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Ghuh1  Ghuh2
Ghuhs – representants of Lower World


Collection photoshoot: Creation of Kuzhebar, Upper World

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Aolu, White Singing Godness (upper world)

Shaman1 Shaman3   


White Speechless Godness (upper world)



Three Mystical Birds of Ancient Kuzhebar

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The work of  all together 4 years (2009-2012) – the triptych “Mystical Birds of Ancient Kuzhebar” is finished now. 
It is pyrography on wood with carved elements

The story behind:

Kuzhebarian tales say about three mystical birds, who are providers of different power-sorces. For mortals, however, the birds were dangerous and indifferent at the same time. One of them symbolizes darkness, another light and the third one wisdom.

Kuzhebarian people believed that each of these birds come to each person one time a life and everybody has to choose with which of them to be connected. People give their emotions, intentions and thoughts like food to the birds and birds provide them a power they have. One gives the power to complain or to be angry, another the power to be joyful and to laugh, and the third one provides access to  wisdom and omniscience.

                          Julia Surba on work


Aarukh – the third mystical bird of Ancient Kuzhebar

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Aarukh – the third magical bird of ancinet Kuzhebar, the bird of wisdom and omniscience. It is usually depicted with multiple wings, legs and eyes, carrying the fate of human beings in one claw and their vitality in another.


"Aarukh Bird",  Julia Surba 2012
pyrography on pine wood  with carvedd elements,
diameter 58 cm

According to the old Kuzhebarian tales, Aarukh brings about transformation through the process of a special rite of passage, which can often be painful and unpleasant. The meeting with Aarukh can be very dangerous, but it can also be rewarding, bringing treasured inner gifts. To obtain them – one must look directly in the Aarukh´s eyes. What happens next is determined by which ones of the Aarukh’s many eyes are open at the moment of meeting, as it is the bird’s eyes that predetermine the challenges one must complete. Some are unable to withstand the stare of Aarukh, and are absorbed by the bird through her eyes.


Those who came through all the challenges were expelled by Aarukh through the special opening on its head. These people were now considered re-born and transformed. They were given a gift by Aarukh – a guardian spirit called Shu-khur (Shu – inner, Khur – guide), and a new name.


Ancient Kuzhebarians believe that it was impossible to be connected with the bird of wisdom in any known way, because wisdom cannot be external, it is the result of inner metamorphosis of the human being. This is why Aarukh is pictured without the symbols that indicate this connection, seen on the images of the other two magical birds.

Special thank to Anna Maughan for text translation into English


Overtone flute with pyrodesign. Sutable not only for playing but for dancing as well!

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JuAvatar JuFlute

NadiFlute NadiFlute1


Price from 110 EUR (depending on artwork amount). Made by request. Available at our ethnic store now.

Flute decoration consists of fertility symbols and symbols connected with  the ritual of Kuzhebar people called Shuol Khymat.

Shuol Khymat were usually celebrated twice a year – at spring (Ashuol Khymat) and at autumn (Yshuol Khymat). Ancient Kuzhebar people considered the sun as a source of the great power, which can be used in various ways. Their method of solar energy utilization is very similar to the description of photosynthesis process. We think it’s connected with their belief that human and plant worlds are not separated, more than humans are partly plants. It might be said that kuzhebar people had a peculiar knowledge about what we call now photosynthesis and vitamin D fixation.

Most relevant translation of “Shuol Khymat” term is Photosynthesis Dance (capturing-solar-energy dance)

Unfortunately the complete ritual is lost, but we had used some elements of it which are still extant. Normally the ritual had to take place in a very sunny day. It was accompanied by playing on overtone flute and by special movements. Ancient kuzhebar people believed that flute sounds in combination with special dance help to capture the solar energy in a most efficient way.


Three Magic Windows

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Old Kuzhebar legends tell about courageous travellers, who took risks to travel through different reality tunnels, so they could see other worlds which were different from one we usually know. Sometimes these travellers brought some objects from the visited worlds or they tried to depict them. The images were used by them to get into the world they liked again.

Here are Three Magic Windows into three different worlds “reconstructed” by Julia Surba.





New T-Shirts in Kuzhebar style available!

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Hi everybody who are interested in Kuzhebarian culture!

We’re happy to present you the new T-Shirts with kuzhebarian shamanic motif. On these T-Shirts you can see the arch-father and creator of Ancient Kuzhebar  Yagdyn Staroy. According to ancient kuzhebarian tales he has four faces looking to the four winds. Each face is blown by the special wind, his “caboo” are fluttering in these winds. “Caboo” are special unaccountable outgrowths on Yagdyns’ faces. Yagdyn being exists in a turquoise-blue quasiwater ambience. His usual attribute is a big crystal-clear fancifully formed seashell, he lets it sound with the help of his caboo.

Please note that by buying these T-Shirts you’re supporting not only the artists, but also the vanishing siberian culture that we’re trying to keep, to develop and to spread!

You can click to pictures to enlarge.


T-Shirt “Yagdyn”,
for men, artwork by
Kuzhebar Design

depicting the arch-father and creator of Ancient Kuzhebar Yagdyn Staroy
– 12,- Euro

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T-Shirt “Yagdyn”,
for women, artwork by
Kuzhebar Design

depicting the arch-father and creator of Ancient Kuzhebar Yagdyn Staroy
– 12,- Euro

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KUAAMU – Kuzhebar Synergies, first models

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You will find below the pictures of our first models, we hope you’ ll like them!
All your comments are welcome!
The ancient kuzhebarian symbol used in this ring depicts one of the three mystical birds of Ancient Kuzhebar. To learn more about these birds, visit this link:
This bird is playing here with the life of the human it visits (the ball).

An unique pendant! Its length goes from 6" to 16" (15 to 40 cm) and the pendant is 4" long (10 cm). It is actually a kind of a ghost keeper. Of course only for eatable ghosts!
That thing is that in Ancient Kuzhebar people didn’t separated ghosts in good and bad ones, but in eatable and not eatable. Kuzhebar people believed, when you eat a ghost you create a symbiosis with it. Through this symbiosis the human beeing and the ghost goes their evolution ways and support each other. More than that there were special musical rituals for eating ghosts by using a special wind musical instrument called "ghost catcher". You can see the video with similar kind of the ghost catcher here (reconstructed, developed and played by Nadishana):

This pendant is made from natural seeds and with an ancient kuzhebarian symbol. The symbol depicts the world picture with upper, middle and underworld and with the life tree, which grows trough all of them.

The symbol of this pendant depicts a balance of fourth elements: earth, water, air and fire.

The big ornament used for this pendant depicts three deathless creatures by creating a new world or reality. It’s 6" to 16" long and the pendant measures 2.8" to 4" (7 to 10 cm)

The symbol on this bracelet depicts the face of a deathless creature or godness who takes care about creativity and creative people.

Another necklace with the symbol of life-embryo on it, a symbol for birth and rebirth.

And another bracelet with another mystical bird of Ancient Kuzhebar on it 😉

And finally, the pendant with the symbol of a time traveller on it.

KUAAMU – Kuzhebar Synergies

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